So much of the Facebook marketing hype is about how many likes your business site has. Well sometimes being active on social media is enough to move the client to the next step in the sales process.

I got in touch with a prospective client earlier this year who had just contracted with a competing company. I cursed my bad luck, but stayed in touch about how the project was progressing. The good news for me, was bad news for my competitor, my prospect, their client was not happy, but was still trying to get the work completed.

Fast forward 4 months, I was working in my office on my computer with 18 windows open on Google Chrome, one of which was Facebook. I was interrupted by a fFacebook chat requesting a meeting with that prospective client. Which I happily made and then closed a web design deal project.

This confirms for me that Facebooks success is not just the number of likes you have, but more of the quality of the contacts and how you manage those relationships. If you continue to have valuable content that your target markets appreciate and you are available when prospects make their buying decisions you will ensure the long term success of your business.