As a marketing company, you can imagine that we spend a lot of time scheduling social media posts. Even if you aren’t handling multiple clients social media, and instead just scheduling your own businesses social media, it can still get hectic. That’s why we use Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a social media scheduling tool that is free for up to three social media accounts. However for just a small monthly price you can upgrade to their paid account option and will have the option to add up to 100 social media accounts. This amount of social media accounts is great if you are managing multiple clients like us, but odds are if you are just managing social media for your business you can get away with the free account.

Hootsuite not only allows you to schedule posts to any of the accounts you have linked at any specific date or time but it also has some other features that can help staying up to date and engaged in your social media a breeze.

You can set up different feeds on your dashboard to show you people who are mentioning you or certain keywords you want to track, from here you can stay engaged with your target audience. You can also set up customized reports to be emailed to you to track your improvement. There are also many other features that make Hootsuite a great option for social media management.