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Learn To Create More Effective Marketing Under The Direction of A Marketing Expert


The discipline of marketing is changing so fast that you may sometimes feel overwhelmed and have marketing FOMO (fear of missing out) with the newest trends. It is easy to bogged down with the “tyranny of the urgent” activities and lose touch with your marketing campaigns and sales. That’s why I created the Strategic eMastermind for Marketing.

The Strategic eMastermind for Marketing will review fundamental marketing practices that are always effective and how to supplement them with new activities like social media and SEO. We will be focused on quick implementation that is effective and meets your goals, for your business.

By spending time each month with Emanuel Rose, Guest Marketing experts, and business people you will:

The Strategic eMastermind for Marketing (or “SEMM”) is a team of business owners, managers and marketers who believe in the value of collaboration and peer learning. They are leaders in their businesses and communities.


We have been with Strategic eMarketing for about a year and the outcome has been a doubling of ecommerce sales in that time. This was accomplished with a simple, straight forward Marketing plan and execution. has never had so much attention and traffic. If you own a coffee company, please don’t sign up for this eMastermind, just kidding.
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We at Humboldt Pet Supply consider ourselves extremely fortunate for having discovered Emanuel Rose and Strategic eMarketing over a year ago. Humboldt Pet Supply has benefited with his guidance in implementing a comprehensive Marketing plan that he specifically customized for our company. Mr. Rose’s model is based on an in depth assessment of every aspect of our company including social media platforms, local outreach and events, branding, website development, SEO, as well as strategic advertising, all within a framework that has us monitoring and tracking our data to measure the viability of how the various approaches are performing.

With his consistent guidance he has enabled us to expand our business without compromising our commitment to providing sustainable, responsible, ethical pet products as well as encouraging us to continue offering warm and personal service to our customers.

We are continually amazed at how quickly and creatively he responds to our many queries with graciousness and good humor. It has been our good fortune as well as a pleasure to have the opportunity to benefit from Mr. Rose’s impeccable and generous expertise.
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