What Is Good Social Media?


Social media is a great form of online marketing because it is low cost, easy to personalize for your brand and works as a communication method to communicate between you and your clients and leads. The great thing about social media compared to other forms of marketing like emails and direct mail, is that anyone who is following your social media is choosing to be sent your marketing messages.

However, no one is going to choose to see your messages if you don’t provide good content on your social media. This brings us to the strategy called inbound marketing. What does this mean? Inbound marketing is providing your clients with the content they want. Typically if someone likes your social media profile, it is because they want to be the first to know about deals or learn more about your industry.

To decide what good social media and content means for your business, start by doing a little brainstorming about what your clients commonly ask you, what misconceptions or questions about your industry are popular and what you can offer your clients that they will use. Everyone loves to receive a discount, freebie or useful information that they can enjoy learning from.

Wondering where to start with your social media? Contact Strategic eMarketing for assistance analyzing your target audience and the content they are looking for, scheduling and writing your social media content.