Strategic eMarketing Joint Venture with Advertera

Strategic eMarketing’s Joint Venture with Advertera

I’ve been working on a joint venture with another marketing agency owned by Simon Durfee called Advertera. This joint venture is for a piece of software called Rogue Visitor Program that goes into the header section of a business’ website. There are lots of examples of marketing activities and marketing processes that I’ve been experiencing. A colleague told me that Rogue Visitor Program would be helpful, so I checked it out and jumped onboard.

This software is able to potentially correlate a visitor who doesn’t take any action, other than visiting the website, with contact information, name, address, email, mobile phone and even their social links through a bunch of data services.

Rogue Visitor Program allows a website owner to reach out either by email or by retargeting through pay-per-click ads to encourage that individual to come back and initiate a transaction. That’s the software – super cutting edge, super new concept – and it’s all GDPR compliant.

So it’s a good product. The first thing that I did was to do the competition research and look at what else is out there on the marketplace, who the companies are, how they’re positioning the product and and how much they\’re charging. That established the level of competition and what the playing field is. From that point, we’ve been talking about pricing models and how we’re going to price this product, both for B2B and B2C websites and that’s still in progress.

One of the first things I did was to interview Simon on video and ask him all about the product, how it could be used, how complicated it is, how it is compliant.

I built out an FAQ and high level product description, and then also landing page copy. I did a second video interview about the product, and some other more specific questions. And from that, I was also able to create an initial email campaign. We\’re speculating that websites that are running between $1000 and $5000 a month in pay-per-click ads are going to get a huge benefit from this software. I ran that list on a service that I use called LeadFuze. And now we have our initial 800 companies that we’re going to reach out to, in order to see if we can trigger some sales.

We also have to talk about how Simon and I are going to work together, designing that joint venture agreement, laying out the business part of this. We need to make sure the contract is clear about how, when this does become wildly successful, we\’re gonna split up the money. We’ve also looked at the product roadmap and how we’re going to establish this first offer that will allow businesses to get that list and run their own process of follow up.

The next phase will be to do more of a “done for you” service where we have the code installed, but then we’ll be doing the advertising and emailing on behalf of the business. We could even potentially do just straight lead generation where we build websites, send traffic to them and then get those leads to other businesses in those categories.

We established beta tests with a couple of clients that we already have. Now we have some data and can see what kind of information is being generated and how useful it could be for our clients. It also gives us a chance to sort out any issues that could pop up with the software.

We’ve been meeting frequently, at least a couple of times a week, and emailing as we make progress. So that\’s an overview of product development and the initial marketing process in real-time. I’m excited about this piece of software. I think it has some real value.

And I’m hoping that this arrangement that Simon and I are developing now will be successful. So thanks for checking this out. Let me know what you think about the process and anything that I may have missed down in the comments. Have a great day!