Client Spotlight – Westhaven Solar

Northern California’s premier solar contractor and installer of energy-efficient commercial and residential Solar and HVAC systems.

As part of the North Coast community, we install cost-effective, green solutions in homes and businesses throughout Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity, Shasta, Yuba & Sutter Counties. We specialize in sustainable, green building projects ranging from solar systems for homes and buildings to solar-powered AC systems, photovoltaic installations, SunPower® solar systems, hydronic heating and radiant floor heating.

Westhaven Solar Construction paves the way to conscientious, ecological construction projects. Both ICF (insulated concrete form) and straw bale walls can contribute to the thermal efficiency of a building and reduce dependence on forest-based construction materials (which, even when they are not from old growth, have an intensive environmental impact in terms of growth and harvesting processes).

Westhaven Solar’s expertise is not limited to new construction, however. Retrofitting existing residential and commercial spaces for solar-heated water, solar-produced electrical energy, and ecological and efficient heating and air conditioning systems can save the owner money while helping to save the planets resources. Those same technologies can, of course, be included and implemented in an integrated energy design plan for new construction. Dependent on building site, micro-hydro electrical energy generation can also be implemented. When combined with low-impact, high-insulation-value construction technologies, all of these energy-source technologies can be incorporated to create an attractive, economical, and environmentally appropriate home, store, or office.

Westhaven Solar Construction is continuously growing in its construction technology skill set, its environmental acumen, and the array of ecologically appropriate products and services it offers. Now they are also growing in the geographic area to which they offer their services. In addition to their original location in Humboldt County, they now provide solar energy installation services in the Yuba and Sutter Counties of the Central Valley of California. For more information visit