Highlight Your Business with a Commercial That Runs 24/7

Highlight your business with a commercial that runs 24/7! How? With the creation of a video for your website and other social media applications.  Expand your corporate or brand reach and leverage the power of video, gain a competitive edge and highlight what you do best, to the people that need your products or services.  A video is one of the best on-line marketing tools in today’s economic arena. With a video you can start building relationships, gain trust, educate your audience and become the expert in your industry.  Video draws people in to your website and keeps them engaged with your content for a longer period of time.

Producing a video can be as simple or detailed as you want, however, If you would like to produce “how to” videos, put together several shorter pieces. Two to three minutes per segment allows the viewer a chance to digest the material before moving on and also enables them to go back and review certain portions of the material quickly.

Whether you choose to provide information about your business, demonstrate your products, provide testimony or introduce your team, let video showcase your talents.

Deborah Ketelsen is owner of DK Creative Media at dkcreativemedia.com.  Deborah has been producing and directing all aspects of video in our community for over 25 years.  She also teaches video production through the department of Journalism at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA.

DK Creative Media-“Where creativity meets passion.”