South Fork High School Alumni Association

Client Spotlight: South Fork High School Alumni Association

Client Spotlight: South Fork High School Alumni Association

\"SouthThere was a time when “alumni association” meant “booster club,” maybe with “reunion planners group” thrown in. That time was swept away by the financial housecleaning of the last few decades. The activities and facilities that enrich high school education – from band to baseball, labs to libraries – have been systematically defunded. For these opportunities to persist, new revenue streams have to be developed. No longer is the alumni association a persistent clique of “those who never left town.” Instead, it is a coalition drawing on those who care about perpetuating the education heritage of their Alma mater, no matter how far from home their careers may have taken them.

For the South Fork High School Alumni Association of Miranda, California, taking on this 21st Century role means shouldering it with 21st Century technology. With the expert assistance of Strategic eMarketing, they are building a website that will promote and coordinate fundraising and related activities while enlisting new members and supporters.

The alumni association is actually a subordinate component of the Southern Humboldt Schools Foundation. Gathering support for the school – its programs, facilities, and students – can be better achieved through a well-designed website that is easily found by faculty, students, alumni, and community members thanks to search engine optimization (SEO) provided by Strategic eMarketing.

Enlisting the support of visitors to the website will be achieved through rich content highlighting the school’s values, virtues, and needs. For all those who are no longer students or faculty, the website will be a school-specific gathering place far more accessible and focused than the campus itself. As the association’s leader, Colleen O’Sullivan put it, the website “will help raise funds smarter, not harder.”