Multi-channel marekting

Product Spotlight: Multi-Channel Marketing

Product Spotlight: Multi-Channel Marketing

\"Multi-channel“Multi-channel marketing” sounds pretty high tech and sophisticated, but it’s based on a fundamental business principle: covering all the bases. The difference now is there are a lot more bases, and you need to touch every one of them to get “home” to a successful business with a loyal, informed, participatory customer base.

A multi-channel marketing approach involves the integrated use of logo design, web (re)design, social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), blogs, and streaming video. How can all these elements be integrated? Why does it matter? In this “challenged” market environment, customers need to be led to your business, not benignly ushered in its general direction.

Blogs and vlogs give you the opportunity to tout your products and services in an editorial context, along with adding fresh content to your website to make it more SEO friendly. But no matter how compelling your words may be, a picture is still worth a thousand. A well-designed logo can be so aesthetically pleasing, so visually immediate – so downright sexy – that it leaves a positive and lasting impression on the viewer. That impact can be multiplied by placement of your new logo on your Facebook page, in the masthead of your blog, and on your Pinterest page – as well as on your web page, stationery, and storefront.

Social Media provides an opportunity to capture the attention (and the business) of people who didn\’t even know they were looking for what you’re offering. People view Facebook time as a pleasurable activity, which sets a positive tone when they encounter your business’s Facebook page. Likes for your page by their Facebook friends function as unsolicited testimonials. Similarly, tweets regarding the valuable offerings of your business are received as testimonials and billboards – directing people toward your company.

For all these reasons and as many more as there are marketing channels to use, let Strategic eMarketing of Eureka, California put your business on all the maps your customers use – and highlight the path to it.