SEO and Content after Penguin 2.0

SEO and Content after Penguin 2.0 — Become an Authority

SEO and Content after Penguin 2.0 — Become an Authority

\"SEOMany changes came with Google algorithm update, Penguin 2.0, and one of those changes is that being considered an “authority” is more important than ever before.

What does being an authority online mean? Much of it is publishing quality content about your niche on your business’s website. Don’t stuff your content with keywords, and don’t just copy/paste other articles you seen online — that won’t help your cause. You can use other articles and blogs for research, but add your own professional opinions and information to the content to make it a truly value-added piece.

To better establish your authority, link your Google+ profile to the content you create, whether it’s videos, blogs or slideshows. You can find all the info you need on the authorship page, but here’s the breakdown:

  • Your Google+ profile needs a good headshot photo.
  • On each page of your content, your name needs to be listed as the author, also known as a byline.
  • Your byline needs to match the name on your Google+ profile.
  • You need to verify your email address that has the same domain name as your content.

Becoming an author also automatically adds the domain that your email address uses to the “Contributor to” section of your Google+ profile. Each blog or article should also have a link back to your Google+ profile, if possible. This is one way that you can impact SEO for Eureka CA audiences and beyond.

A PR firm in Eureka CA can help you craft your image, but search engine optimization strategies aren’t complete without providing valuable content in your niche.