Client Spotlight – Redwood Coast Financial Partners

The future is always uncertain and the opening decade of the 21st Century has provided no exception to that rule.  However, leading prospective Humboldt County investors into the future with confidence is the avowed goal of Redwood Coast Financial Partners’ principals and Financial Advisors — Nick Bertel and Steve Suttell.As their website states, “Personal Finance can be confusing … We have the expertise to help you understand your current situation, assess your goals, and recognize risks in your current and future investments from money market accounts to hedge funds.”  To assuage your fears and assure your financial investment success are Nick’s and Steve’s business goals.  Together they bring years of experience in banking and investments to the RCFP portfolio of skills.  Nick, Steve, and the investment services company which they comprise are Humboldt-based.

Redwood Coast Financial Partners’ website provides a thorough preview of the services offered and an explanation of how they are implemented, allowing the prospective investor to plan for their financial and retirement planning as well as investing.  Financial planning involves the full spectrum of money usage considerations, including Municipal Bonds, ETFs, and Hedge Funds.  Retirement planning has the narrower scope of specifically preparing for retirement and using specifically appropriate plans: 401(k)s and IRAs.  Investing, part science and part art, is the purchase of publicly traded stock in hopes of appreciation.  To all three of these activities, Redwood Coast Financial Partners can provide clear, reliable guidance and services.  For further insight into the nuances of financial and retirement planning, as well as investing, see the blogs on their website:  For an investment consultation with Nick or Steve, call Redwood Coast Financial Partners at (707) 444-9212.