Business Resource Spotlight – Original Basket Boutique

Gifting is personal. It is always personal to the recipient and should be to the giver.  Whether the budget is large or small, the goal is the same. You want your customer, vendor, referral source, or employee  to know that you considered their likes and interests when choosing their gift. What you spend is less important than the message received.

The Original Basket Boutique serves as the gift concierge for businesses. A brief meeting will help determine the message you would like to send, gift options within your budget whether high or low, and how to brand the gift basket as coming for your business.

Some business people like to choose each item in the basket and others just want to send an email with the budget, occasion, and delivery date. We accommodate both. Our mission is to help you send the gift within your budget and show you new ways to do it!

Our website gives examples and ideas but we don’t build baskets until ordered. How else to provide the perfect basket on your behalf? We’ll keep your logo items on the shelf, if you like, for inclusion in your gift. Call Carole for an appointment to discuss how to send your message. It’s easier than you think! You can reach the Original Basket Boutique at (707) 444-2509, or