Rogue Visitor Program-Identify and Retarget Your Website Visitors

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I’m Emanuel Rose from Strategic eMarketing and I’m talking today to Simon Durfee from advertera. Talking about his rogue visitor program. Simon in a in a few sentences describe for for me what the road visitor program is. Okay. Well essentially the real visitor program is when somebody comes onto your site and doesn’t take any action as far as like, you know, opting in to get a discount or white paper or what have you or just going into the sales process to make a purchase or you know, for an appointment, anything like that.

When a person just bounces and disappears, they go rogue. You know, you can’t collect information and know exactly who they are, what they do and and and all that. And so what we have is we’re able to identify those visitors and match it up to our database and you know, we are able to collect anything from the name, phone number, email linkedin, facebook, and it’s been working out, you know, fantastically.

And so that is it in a nutshell, wow, that sounds pretty powerful. Let’s see, I got a bunch of questions. One is, how is how is this compliant with the various laws and regulations around privacy right now in the year 2022. Yeah. Yeah.

Well it is compliant with the can spam act and the ccpa. And according to those laws, we’re able to follow up with the the prospects through, you know, the consumer side of it that, you know, b two c up to a couple of times?

And uh, but it’s different when you’re able to take that, you know, data that you have accumulated from people that have gone on to your website and actually retarget them through advertising. You do that as much as you want until they opt into your list and then you can follow them as much as possible and call them what have you, when it comes to be to be.

It’s a whole different, you know, ball game and you can actually, according to the laws, you can follow with them as much as you can. It’s very compliant with the laws that we have today, wow, that’s exciting.

Hadn’t, hadn’t heard about this before, is it, is it something that only is available or legal in the united states? Are there other markets? People can use this? And essentially every industry is able to use this, it’s just, it all comes down to the matter of people that you are marketing to and advertising and they’re able to come onto your website.

And so it doesn’t matter if it’s, manufacturing, doesn’t matter if it’s e commerce saas any type of technology, you know, anything real estate. It doesn’t matter just as long as people come onto your site and you’re able to identify them and then from there, you’re able to, you know, market, wow, that’s cool, is there, is there a specific website platform that I have to use in order to be able to have this visibility of my visitors?

Yes. What we do is we have a dashboard and, and we’re able to, you know, put the code onto your website and were able to track and manage everything. And from there, we’re able to push it out to a spreadsheet and then you’re able to actually push that out to a crm or an email service provider.

What have you to follow that up with? Is there a certain website platform that I have to use, like wix or wordpress or shopify in order for it to work? Oh no, no, no, no. It’s actually really easy. What we do is we create a code for you and we actually place it in the header section of your website.

So it doesn’t matter if it’s wix or wordpress or kajabi or anything. Yeah. Thanks. Yeah. And um, I guess what, what sort of success have you seen with this new new rogue visitor campaign? So we’ve worked with manufacturers where we’ve, you know, um, identified and followed up with leads, um, within the same week of actually installing the code, we’ve identified, you know, I think was just over 40 to 50 leads that, that same week we’ve had other ones where it was a fitness site.

We’ve identified close to 20 something leads within the first week. There’s this ecommerce company that we’ve placed the code on and within 24 hours identified, you know, a couple 100. So it works fairly quickly. It really comes down to the amount of traffic that that site gets in order to, you know, see more of a success.

Sure. Then what is a typical sales follow up process? Look, once you, once you get these kind of warmish leads delivered from the rogue visitor program, so what happens is after they’ve been identified and they get pushed out to a spreadsheet from there, they get placed into a crm.

And depending on your crm, they could have, you can follow up, you know, with a drip campaign via email, you can have it placed on sms campaigns and, you know, follow them through the phone or, you know, you can just put them on advertising campaign and follow them around and just, you know, push them down further down the buyer’s journey to really warm them up and they have more of an intent to purchase something that you have and and there you go, wow, I like that.

Does it require very much technical skill from the person who owns the website to be able to make this come together? No, no, no, not at all. It doesn’t take that hardly anything at all. Honestly, I mean, that’s all you have to do is copy and paste.

That’s it essentially, or you can do it for them? Yeah. Which is even better. So it’s just it’s all hands off of it. Yeah. Alright. Anything anything else I should have asked about? Not that I can think of. Yeah. You covered a lot.

Thank you. Alright. Thanks. I appreciate your time today. Yeah. Thank you. Https://advertera.