Product Spotlight: Local Search Marketing


With the amount of business on the internet being so massive, local search marketing and optimization is critical to ever be found. Even if you focus on national or international marketing, you want your local location to be known by search engines and local search tools.

There are many ways to optimize your marketing for local search. The first step in this process is simple: put your local address out there. In all honestly, your local address should be on every page of your website, every social media and ad profile you have and anywhere else you can think of.

This way the search engines will index your address along with your business website, profiles and name, making you more likely to come up in a local search.

There are multiple local search tools such as Yelp, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages and Google Places. If you are assuming you aren’t on their site, you are probably wrong. These sites use indexing from Google, Yahoo and other search engines to automatically create your local profile. This makes the odds of the information they have being wrong very likely. You should make sure to go through all of these types of sites and update your information.

The more active you stay on these local sites the more likely you are to be indexed as a local business in that area. This means updating your information, adding new images and responding to reviews.

When you work with Strategic eMarketing, we make sure your marketing is optimized for local search. We have experience updating listings and can get your business listed accurately on all of the listing sites quickly.