Business Resource Spotlight: Dropbox


We often do our business resource spotlights on ways to keep things organized. Why? Because with anything in business, things can get messy. Business owners typically have a pile of paperwork (or several) lying around that they don’t know what to do with, and files on their computer that take quite a bit of time to search through. At Strategic eMarketing, we have spent a long time finding the best organization methods to keep our files, and our clients’ files, organized.

Last month we talked about Google Docs, which is a great cloud service for storing files with the ease of access to edit. This program works best for text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and similar files.

But where can we store all the images we need to share with clients, employees and the internet? Dropbox has been the best solution for us.

Dropbox is a great application that is available both as a download for PC and Mac, as well as over the internet. You can create folders of images and invite specific people to have access to the folders. Dropbox has a free plan as well plans available for companies and individuals who have a higher volume of files. We highly recommend visiting their website today and start getting your image files in order.