One-Minute-Marketing: Creating A Persona Of Your Ideal Customer

One-minute marketing: Creating a persona of your ideal customer

\"sem-NL-1min-1014-db\"Creating a persona of your ideal customer is very valuable to your marketing. It is important to realize who your best customers are and acquire information about their character and lifestyle so you can effectively market to similar customers.


Not every 30- year-old woman is the same. This is why finding the basic demographics of your customers just doesn’t work anymore. It is important to understand your best customer on a deeper level than age, gender, and income level. Consider information like their neighborhood, where they send their children to school, what generation they are from, and their preferred way to communicate. Some clients may prefer a face-to-face meeting when you are selling them your product or service, while others may prefer a quick text or email.


Once you have these pieces of information, you can take a look at your marketing plan. Make sure the marketing tools you are spending your time and money on are going to be effective to your ideal customers. With this information you can make sure you are on the right social media, sending emails with subject lines they will open and not wasting money on campaigns that will not attract their attention.


If your ideal customer spends a lot of time on social media, online shopping, and not so much time reading mail and taking phone calls, you can determine that the best way to contact them is to spend more time on social media and sending effective emails. These small steps in paying more attention to you customers can make a huge difference in your sales.