New Cause-Related Consumer Network to Launch Marketing Campaign With Strategic eMarketing

New Cause-Related Consumer Network to Launch Marketing Campaign With Strategic eMarketing

A new idea will soon launch into the online marketplace through, and the company plans to get off to a strong start with a marketing campaign coordinated by Strategic eMarketing.

Founded by Jeremiah Cervantes in Eureka, Calif., will connect socially responsible consumers with the companies and products that support causes they care about. This is currently an underserved market, as it is difficult to conduct comprehensive research on what companies support which charities without spending several hours looking up individual corporations.

“We’re building what we call a cause-related consumer network,” Cervantes said.

Cervantes said he came up with the business idea after he started golfing and needed to buy a set of golf clubs. He wanted to buy clubs from a company that supports autism research, as his daughter is autistic and it’s a cause that he cares deeply about. There was no one place online that collected this information in the way that he needed, but he did finally find a golf club manufacturer after doing his own research that was aligned with his charitable interests.

The goal is to make a boost to charitable organizations and to the corporations that support them, while providing information consumers can use and easily search. At this early stage in the business, Strategic eMarketing will be working with Cervantes to connect with corporations and charities that are interested in reaching consumers and raising awareness in this innovative way.

“ is the vehicle for companies to increase brand loyalty and earn long-term customers,” Cervantes said. “Not because you are marketing to their instant desires, but because you’re catering to their hearts.”

The website will launch soon as it grows its current database of charities and corporations.

About Strategic eMarketing:

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