Business Resource Spotlight: Del Angelo Insurance

Business Resource Spotlight: Del Angelo Insurance


Like a Buddhist koan, it is said that we only have today, but tomorrow is as certain to become today and as today is to become yesterday.

Insurance is as valuable as the future is uncertain, whether it is purchased as a component of employee compensation or as a personal mode of asset protection — and the future has never been any less certain than it is today. There are many paths to financial security, but most of us are unable to save enough or accrue enough to cover any eventuality. A sizable nest egg can be depleted in a few short years of long-term care or in a few months of ongoing or recurrent hospitalization.That is value of insurance.

Having an insurance agent who is not only local but also committed to serving the community is an invaluable component of doing business with someone like Karen Del Angelo. As she says of her career in insurance, “I became interested in helping people maintain their financial well being through the challenges that life presents like sickness, accidents and trauma.

For the past 8 years I have helped hundreds of people throughout Humboldt County with Aflac and other insurance needs. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this community by providing people the ability to survive financially in challenging times.”

Aflac is designed to supplement the provisions of standard medical insurance. She also handles long-term care insurance, which can provide for care and sustenance when the insured is no longer able to live independently, along with standard life insurance that provides for the family of the insured when they pass on.

In all of these cases, insurance can spell peace of mind, which is an invaluable asset. Aflac has many different coverage modules that can be selected a la carte for your specific needs, and life insurance can be purchased as either term or whole life. Determining the appropriate amount of coverage for long-term care can also be achieved with expert assistance from a well qualified and conscientious broker like Karen.

To tailor a policy to your specific needs, call Karen today at 707-726-9089 or for more information go to