1 Minute Marketing: How To Use Blogging For Your Business


Sometimes when we think about blogging we think about bloggers. People who blog for a living about lifestyle, beauty, travel or anything else and receive compensation from ads and sponsorships due to having a large following. However, to have a strong blog you don’t need to change your entire career to just being a blogger. Blogging actually has benefits for companies who just do one blog per week!

Yes you heard right. You only have to write one blog per week to start seeing results (that’s just 350 to 500 words). This schedule makes it easy to keep up with content planning, writing and sharing your blog through social media and email. We suggest writing posts about your industry and the inside scoop on your business.

So what will a blog actually do for your business? First of all, it improves your online presence. The more searchable content you have on your website and the more updates your website is undergoing, the higher you\’ll rank on the search engine. Your blog content also gives you something to share on your social media, in your newsletter and emails. By having content to send out that your clients can learn from, the more your viewers will enjoy being on your site and around your brand.

Wondering how to get started blogging? We can help you setup your blog, plan your content and even write your posts and source images!