How to Develop Topics For Your Business’ Blog

\"\"Blogging for your business often seems easy at first — the first few posts just flow and it’s simple to find topics. However, most businesses start a blog only to stop posting after a month or two, because finding something new to write becomes much more challenging.

But no business has to stop after just a few posts. If you get a little creative and schedule your content, then your blog can be much more successful. For some help in finding blog topics, try these tips:

  1. Consider what kind of content would be most helpful and valuable to your target market. If you create interesting blogs that doesn’t appeal to your customers, then there isn’t much point to blogging in the first place. Do your customers care about saving money, calories, the environment or something else?
  2. Look at your industry’s local and national news stories for inspiration. If a new innovation is coming out or if there is an interesting tidbit you learned at a convention, write a post about it.
  3. Become a part of the community. No blog is an island, especially for businesses targeting a local market. If your business is supporting a local nonprofit or there is an interesting local news article that impacts your customers, create a post about that.
  4. Readers like lists, so coming up with a “Top 5 Tips” or something similar can be very effective.
  5. Don’t make your topics purely advertorial. While it’s acceptable to have occasional promotional posts touting your products or services, customers won’t check back on your blog if that is all you write about. For most posts, save any promotional content for the last paragraph or two — after you’ve provided valuable content to your reader.