Deconstructing Rogue: How Origins Stacks Up Against the Competition

Rogue Pet Science’s Origins is a 5-in-1 pet supplement for dog nutrition, gut health and performance, which is highly revered in the market. In fact, it is a fundamentally better pet supplement than most other brands in terms of its quality. This extends to the quality of ingredients and the overall thought behind the product. As a dog owner of a beautiful springer spaniel, I’ve dug deep and found that Origins can easily be identified as the leading brand in this industry based on what they offer. This revamped product comparison chart shows the benefits of the ingredients of Rogue’s premium pet supplement against other brands that people might already know. The previous chart displayed nutrition facts and other information that many regular folks won’t be able to readily understand, which affects the purchasing decision. This is why the whole thought process behind ideating the new chart was focused on removing some information that was too complex and adding what\’s lacking. The first thing we did was list Rogue’s Origins as the first product on the comparison chart, in the first column. We also ensured that the entire column only has green check marks to show positive benefits, bringing more of what was lacking in the first chart to the forefront. That is all psychologically associated with choosing the best as being green has the go signal. What makes Origins Pet Supplement stands out boldly against other brands is the fact that it’s a whole food. It consists of whole wild fish protein and wild complete fish oil, lacks fillers and still manages to have a competitive price. Their wild fish ingredients are better than regular commercial dog food, which is equal to being raw in digestibility. Commercial dog foods can be difficult for your dog to digest and can make them lose out on their full nutritional needs.

Origins 5-in-1 Dog Supplement is a rare product with premium value yet realistically affordable price, giving you more nutrition for your dog and more value for your money every time. This easily makes Origins the best choice for pet owners and guardians.The new comparison chart is much clearer now and can compel customers who were probably buying one of the competitor products to try Rogue’s Origins. As a new buyer, customers will be able to see the health benefits displayed graphically on the chart against other brands and feel confident that this new purchase is in fact a good risk for their beloved dogs.Rogue plans to build out an email campaign that will reference this product comparison chart, and also social media posts. They’ll also explore display and pay-per-click ads that will be directed to the chart and then to other general information in a compelling offer.