Content Development as a Marketing Strategy

Content Development as a Marketing Strategy

\"ContentThe rules of the internet marketing game have been changed again. Search engine algorithms have advanced to detect and root out content mills and spammers from returning bad search results. The old rules of search engine optimization strategies based solely on keyword density and rankings is being replaced by a more organic process that features content driven material that answers the question of a search engine query and provides useful information to the searcher.

Understanding how content development works and the benefits of incorporating it into your marketing campaign is important if you want to be seen as a reputable source of information and solution provider for an audience’s questions. The new generation of marketing outlets, which include social media platforms, email marketing campaigns and your website and blog, must include meaningful content to drive superior results and attract the type of customers that you are looking to obtain for your business.

What is a Content Development Strategy?

A content development strategy involves the development of content driven, web based material that answers a specific question. It is designed specifically for a targeted group with the goal of providing information and gaining attention in order to induce a call to action. Delivering meaningful content involves being able to answer the questions of what you want to say, how you want to say it and to whom you want to say it to.

The Benefits of Content Development

Changes made by search engines such as Google and others in recent years have been done to punish those SEO producers that have manipulated search engine rankings in order to drive results without delivering worthwhile content. Such past activity has led to frustration on the part of those searching the web for information, a frustration that is often directed at the providers. The value of the online advertising market ($26 billion in 2013 according to the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) has fueled in part to the change toward the development of meaningful content.

The largest benefit of using content development as part of your online marketing strategy, as opposed to the traditional SEO approaches such as keyword stuffing, is natural sounding material that is directed to your target audience with the purpose of answering questions and providing information that leads to engagement. This approach also enhances your reputation as a business as well as your credibility and helps position yourself ahead of your competitors.