The Jacobsen Publishing Company

Client Spotlight: The Jacobsen

Client Spotlight: The Jacobsen

\"TheFrom its origins in 1865, the Jacobsen Publishing Company has been providing reliable daily stock market advice to brokers, traders, buyers, and sellers. The company concentrates its activities on animal and vegetable commodities ranging from biodiesel fuels and vegetable oils to grain futures and animal hides.

This vast accumulation of knowledge and techniques gives the Jacobsen a significant advantage over more generalized publications. Historical events are vital for accurate market forecasting. Combined with the Jacobson’s reputation for unbiased reporting, this background has enabled the company to run ahead of the pack when it comes to market data accumulation.

The company devotes most of its energy to its price guide, giving investors up-to-the-minute access to the information they need. That guide is the result of careful market scrutiny coupled with sophisticated systems analysis. The Jacobsen recognizes that any flaws in the guide will lead to mistrust from investors. Integrity and accuracy have served as the hallmarks of the Jacobsen Publishing Company for nearly a century and a half.

The publication is a summary of daily bids, offers, and trades. To confirm the company’s objectivity, the editors never personally trade within the markets they cover. This enables readers to comfortably form an opinion of a purchase or sale without fear of outside influence.

The Jacobsen – Bringing Transparency to Opaque Markets.