Search Engine Optimization isn't dead

1 Minute Marketing: SEO Isn’t Dead It’s Just Different

1 Minute Marketing: SEO isn\’t Dead — It\’s Just Different

\"SearchThe push-and-pull between Google and businesses is a delicate dance. Google’s stated goal is to provide the best, local search results for its users so that people can find what they are looking for, whether it’s the score of the game last night or the weekend weather forecast for Eureka, CA.

Every individual business and brand, on the other hand, want people to find them specifically. Some people try to game the system using what are called “black hat tactics” to illegitimately get ahead. That’s why SEO strategies keep changing. Google tries to weed out the websites that use such tactics, updating its algorithm regularly to better define what makes content worthy of its users.

This means, however, brands that follow the rules using “white hat” tactics must keep up on the latest local search strategies to stay ahead and not accidentally be penalized by new rules intended to punish charlatans.

Google keeps the specifics of its algorithm a closely guarded secret, but here’s what we do know:

  • The content on your website must be put together well. No typos or broken links.
  • Every page should have an image with the metatag information filled out (it’s what tells the search engine what an image is).
  • Break up content with heading, subheadings, and lists to improve readability.
  • Incorporate keywords sparingly. The search terms you think your best prospects will use to locate your brand should be incorporated into the content of every page. Keep in mind they need to be worked in naturally.
  • Include location specific keywords to improve your brand’s local search rank.
  • Keyword phrases can be broken up in a sentence. For example: “Implementing local search strategies will make it easier for customers to find your Eureka CA business.”

Google’s algorithm is pushing brands to produce valuable content and to act as authorities in their specific niches. How are you incorporating new SEO strategies for your brand?

Strategic eMarketing would be happy to review your brand’s SEO status and to work with you to improve your rankings through better content and SEO strategies. Contact us today to learn more.