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Client Spotlight: ProStar Software

Client Spotlight: ProStar Software


Far from Silicon Valley, in the heart of Humboldt, there lives a software company dedicated to making business operations more dependable and more efficient for enterprises around the world. That company is ProStar Software of Arcata.

Thanks to ProStar, you can now have system software and business applications that actually match the business processes of your enterprise, rather than “pretending” your processes match the expectations of your software. They offer an array of software options that are not “packages” to be bought off the shelf, but solutions intended to be tailored to your needs.

TailorPro’s promise is to “Tailor your software to your business process without changing source code or the database schema.” The time and energy saved, the headaches avoided, by not having to rewrite code to accommodate every patch or upgrade is immeasurable. The satisfaction of your employees and the efficiency of your processes can be measured, though — ultimately in the profit margin generated. Your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) from QAD® can be seamlessly integrated in your business environment, to your evolving business processes, without time-consuming rewriting and costly source code purchases.

ProStar also provides Credit Card Integration (CCI) specifically designed for integration with QAD and other applications on the Progress/OpenEdge platform.CCI makes credit card processing a more secure, economical and more efficient means of revenue acquisition — as it should be. ProStar is a QAD Solution Partner for Credit Card Integration, and is a Progress Application Partner.

ProStar’s Mobile Enterprise Integration (MEI) is a true “social enterprise” application that can give your employees, users, and customers all their own discrete level of access to what they need from your business applications (running on any platform) through mobile devices and browsers. Workflow performance at many levels can be coordinated, monitored and documented through MEI and the business’s multiple computer applications can be similarly coordinated through MEI’s “Intelligent Connectors”.

For operational improvement and profit increase in any business sector, ProStar can provide leading-edge and mobile applications, installations, customization, and consulting. Give them a call today at 1-800-470-7581.