Business Resource Spotlight: i-support.com

Business Resource Spotlight: i-support.com

\"i-support.com\"Entrepreneurs, companies and corporations are all frequent donors to charitable causes across the country, but finding what companies support which charities used to be a pain for consumers. i-support has changed all that.

i-support allows business and corporations to publicly support their favorite charities through the website. You may have a blurb on your website or a nonprofit logo on your homepage, but how will prospects who don’t already know about your business find you? i-support.com lets consumers find their preferred charities with just a few clicks along with the businesses that support those charities.

Founder Jeremiah Cervantes calls it a cause-related consumer network. There are consumers out there who want to support businesses that in turn will support their preferred charities. i-support.com makes it possible for consumers to easily find this information to make informed purchases. Both businesses and nonprofits gain publicity and recognition through the network.

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