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1 Minute Marketing: How often to update web copy

1 Minute Marketing: How often to update web copy


Take a good look at your website. Not just the homepage, but all the primary pages. Especially high traffic page. Is all the information up to date? If it’s been years since you dusted off those pages, your website is likely out of date and not serving your business as best it could.

How often you should update your web copy depends on your business, your internet marketing plan and the stage your Humboldt County business is in. If the website was built when the business was just starting, product lines have been added or changed or services have been refined. Those changes need to be reflected online. And if you have outdated pricing published online, heaven help you.

Immediately updating the website should be a part of any change that affects customers and prospects. Check in every six months to ensure the basic information of your business is correct. Your sales team should review the product and service pages at least every 1-2 months to be sure changes are accurately reflected and specials are promoted. Large ecommerce businesses may need weekly or daily updates.

SEO Review

Maybe all the content is accurate, but it could still be doing you a disservice if you’re relying on old search engine optimization tactics. SEO is a whole other topic, but suffice it to say that your business’s website needs to use words that will let a search engine know what the site is about while not abusing the algorithm. If you’re a plumber in Eureka CA, you’d need to include “plumber” and “Eureka CA” somewhere on your website or Google won’t be understand what your business is all about.

Algorithms are updated frequently so tactics that used to be common practice can now actually lower your search engine results.

New Content is Golden

When done well, your website acts as a resource for prospects, answering many questions they have before they even call. You may not need a complete website design change for a Eureka CA business, but adding a news section or blog is an excellent place to add new, helpful content easily.

Search algorithms appreciate new content, especially when it’s well-written and related to your niche. New content allows you to add updates and boost your search engine optimization, which is important even for businesses in Eureka CA.

If you need help with search engine optimization or updating your website’s copy, let’s schedule a time to discuss your business’s needs.