Business Resource Spotlight: Eureka Payments

Business Resource Spotlight: Eureka Payments


When Jerry Maguire said, “Show me the money,” he wasn\’t talking about crisp bills, per se. As a business owner, neither should you be — at least not exclusively. The era of the credit card commenced decades ago, but the almost universal acceptance of the credit card continues to advance and encroach on your revenue if you are not part of that procession. Payment is what business is all about, and the technology of payment is what Eureka Payments is all about.

Even if you are already accepting credit card payment, there are several factors to consider — factors with which Eureka Payments can improve your business volume and your profit margin. Not all payment processors are created equal – neither in the equipment and service they offer nor in the fees they charge. Ken Musante and his management team at Eureka Payments can provide newer, faster, and more versatile equipment options along with better rates for the associated services. A personal consultation with them can determine the best course for your business into the 21st century of payment processing.

Point-of-sale (POS) terminals are the historic foundation of credit card sales but only the beginning for today’s modern business enterprise. If you have an online presence for your business, why not have online payment available as an option for your customers? You wouldn\’t open a storefront without a cash register; Why diminish the convenience for your customers — and the immediacy of their purchase — by not implementing eCommerce capability? The latest frontier in credit card payment processing is mobile payment, where the customer’s card is swiped through a card reader attached to a smartphone. Here, too, the staff at Eureka Payments can get you the best deal possible in processing fees and dependable equipment with reliable service.

Eureka Payments is a business local to Humboldt County with a national and international business presence. Ken Musante, Steve Kimberling, and Scott Bartlett have over a decade each of experience in payment processing at Humboldt Merchant Services, which Ken founded in 1993 and transitioned to corporate ownership under Moneris. With Ken at the helm, Steve provides the liaison to guide merchants through the application and approval process for credit card processing, and Scott provides ongoing input for merchants on their compliance with industry and regulatory requirements. Together at Eureka Payments, they help create a business opportunity for their clients that is dependable, secure, and profitable.