1 minute marketing social media promotions

1-Minute Marketing: Social Media Promotions

1-Minute Marketing: Social Media Promotions


Posting quality content that your fan base enjoys and that also benefits your business is the main idea behind a business participating in social media. However, offering a social media promotion can also bring up your follower/fan total as well as encourage engagement.

Insider Information

One of the simplest ways to encourage activity on your social media page is to offer your followers benefits. If you are running a radio promotion that only airs a couple times per day, giving your fans tips to win, such as the timeframe for the next airing, will bring more people check out your content. You can also announce exclusive sales and offers to your network, giving followers a first chance at a great deal and the feeling of being in an exclusive club.

Contests and Prizes

Social media promotions that feature contests can take many forms, depending on the type of business you have and the social media platform you choose. Before jumping into creating a campaign though, read the rules — each platform has its own rule set on promotions. Facebook, for example, requires promotions to use an app, and you cannot use “likes” or “shares” as modes of entry into the promotion. You also need to follow state and federal laws regarding all promotions, as well.

A few ideas for social media contests: Asking for user-generated content for a chance to win, letting fans vote on the next big sale or design, or offer a product giveaway.

Several companies have also launched successful Pinterest contests. By asking users to pin/repin products from your website or create their own boards, you give them a chance to win while sharing your content. Lands’ End Canvas recently did such a promotion and awarded $250 gift cards to 10 winners.

Social media promotions offer a way to increase engagement and fan base when done well. Be sure to remind you followers and fans of the promotion so they can participate, and announce the winners when possible.