1 Minute Marketing from Strategic eMarketing

The Oracle

Not all customers are created equal.  The oracle of Strategic eMarketing says: ”Know your customers”.  Who are the customers that make up 50%, 60% or 80% of your sales? Reach out to them; send them a thank you card, a movie pass or an email.

Traditional marketing theory teaches us there are suspects, prospects, customers, key customers and brand advocates.  Take a few moments to assess your customer list and identify which category your customers fit into.

Suspect=a person or company who might need your product or service according to general definitions.  Lowest priority.

Prospect=a person or company who needs your product or service and is aware of it and has the time and money to buy it.  Market and sell to this group with focused offers that create urgency for them to act.

Customer=a person or company who is currently purchasing from you or has purchased from you within 12 months.  If they haven’t made a purchase in more than 12 months, they move back to being a prospect or suspect.  When they are actively purchasing from you, you should make them new offers frequently.

Key Customer=a person or company who is currently and consistently purchasing from you.  This is a customer whom your business would miss if they left.  Key customers are to be catered to and helped at all cost.

Brand Advocate=a person or company who may or may not be currently purchasing from you, but they are referring business to you.  These customers are to be treated like royalty.  Make sure your brand advocates know how much you appreciate their support.

Build a content calendar to make offers to each of these groups on a consistent basis.  These offers should be relevant to them and keep them supporting you and your success.

Emanuel Rose

Strategic eMarketing