1 Minute Marketing: Content Calendar

Marketing your business is a serious task and without an organizational tool, it’s like throwing 10 balls up in the air and trying to duck for cover when they all come back down on top of you.. A content calendar is an indispensable tool for your online marketing campaign. By mapping out your marketing plan for the year, you can ensure that you have a strong vision and direction for where your business’ marketing plan is heading for the year. If you are working with a marketing team, the calendar becomes a place to check in and get informed, decreasing the need for back-and-forth emails and keeping everyone on the same page.

So how do you start a content calendar? Keep it simple! A spreadsheet with all the months of the year, contributing creatives, topics, desired social media platforms, and posting timelines is all you need to get started. Once you have agreed on the basics, your team can even use the calendar to share ideas and build concepts before moving into the content creation phase.

A content calendar is an easy, flexible tool that you can implement into your marketing plan that will help crystalize your vision, keep you on topic seasonally, and build continuity and fluid conversation between your creative team.