Cater business blogs to target market

Writing for Your Business: Cater Blogs to Your Customer’s Needs

Writing for Your Business: Cater Blogs to Your Customer\’s Needs


Blogging seems to be everywhere, but not every company does it well. For every meaningful and worthwhile blog, there are several more that are low quality or aren\’t even kept up to date. How do you prevent your business blog from falling into the latter category?

Your business’s blog needs to cater the needs of your readers/customers. What information can you give your customers that they will want to read and share? If you put together a blog that teaches readers how to do something, answers a common question, helps them understand a process or gives them tips to be more effective or efficient, you can create something of value that customers will appreciate.

One issue with creating a blog on your website is there is often a pressure to produce content. When you are running on several other deadlines, you aren\’t likely to put much thought into what you are writing. If this is the case, it’s better to not write the post. To make a blog that your customers and readers value, you need to put in the time and effort to not just recycle what has been said elsewhere. Put in your own insights on a topic — this not only makes what your write more engaging, it also adds to your credibility and helps establish you as an expert in your field.

While writing useful content can be valuable, you can also write about new products or highlight services you offer. Just don’t post too many self-promotional blogs at a time, as this will drive away readers. You can also have posts that are mainly photos, either user-submitted or ones that your company has taken. Photo collections should be entertaining, showing how to do a specific task, or intriguing — even photo posts should provide something of value to the reader.