Smaller and Smarter – Tweet a Review to Facebook

Smaller and Smarter – Tweet a Review to Facebook

\"FacebookHere is a story for those who still doubt the power of localized social media in general and LinkedIn marketing specifically:

A couple years ago, an acquaintance did what many others often do without a second thought. He set up a page on LinkedIn. This man is a professional writer and, not coincidentally, works within the web design-search engine marketing area. He already had a presence on Facebook and Twitter but had only used them in the past for personal recreation and to vent political and social statements. He likes LinkedIn because he receives a monthly newsletter that is informative and helps him with his business.

Now comes the interesting part. It was time to update his passwords. During the process, LinkedIn innocuously inquired whether or not he wanted to share his contacts with them. He figured everyone else has them, so why not?

Within five hours, he had picked up over 30 connections from past business acquaintances that he had all but forgotten about. Many had also forgotten about him. Some of them wondered what he was up to, did he still write, how are the kids, etc. More importantly, he received two job offers. One was trivial, but the other was substantial. It came from a local company he had desperately wanted to work with in the past, but could never seem to get beyond the application process.

Local eMarketing Strategies Demand Mobile-Enabling

Social media and local search are now and will forever be intertwined. The lines between websites and social media are becoming more blurred each day. Some companies put more effort into their LinkedIn or Facebook presence than their websites. Regardless, it’s important to transition your thinking from computer to phone. Here are the facts:

  • 5.1 billion people worldwide own a cell phone (and only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush).
  • 91% keep their phone within 3 feet of them every hour of every day.
  • 60% of all searches are done on a mobile device.
  • Aside from calls, the #1 use for a smart phone is searching for local businesses.

Your website simply must be mobile-enabled. We all know how frustrating it is to attempt to scroll around a non-enabled site. Most people just click back to find another option.

Reviews – Friend and Foe

Many express fear about the power of even one negative review. There is justifiable concern that competitors can simply create a nightmarish story and your company could potentially be decimated. Everyone is familiar with how quickly bad news travels today. Relax, there is a solution.

First of all, understand that providing a forum for people to complain and write about a real or perceived injustice is going to have takers. It’s just human nature to want to strike back. When considering Facebook eMarketing strategies and setting up a business page, keep in mind that you always have an opportunity to reply to any negative comment. Usually, there was a misunderstanding that is easily explained.

Negative reviews can often be helpful. Rather than losing a customer who otherwise wouldn\’t bother notifying you, you are given a chance to explain what actually occurred and repair the damage. If you did make a mistake, the goodwill that can come from honestly admitting it can easily overwhelm any negatives.