ProStar Software to Work With Strategic eMarketing on Branding, SEO

ProStar Software to Work With Strategic eMarketing on Branding, SEO

ProStar Software is working with Strategic eMarketing to focus their messaging and media regarding ProStar’s new mobile applications.

ProStar Software is well known by companies that use the QAD® Enterprise Applications for its first software application, TailorPro. In the market since 2001, and with Version 9 to be released October 1, TailorPro enables complex “non-invasive” customizations with no change to the QAD® source code or schema. (“Your system. Your way!”)

ProStar Software has recently launched new mobile applications and fully-featured workflow to benefit companies running QAD® and other Progress applications. The ProStar team also provides the implementation and training services to enable customers\’ effective use and rapid return on investment from the ProStar applications.

The new Mobile Desk App Suite enables customers to use the QAD® applications on mobile devices. ProStar’s Mobile Enterprise Integration (MEI) application brings together a unique combination of cross-platform integration, workflow, complex event processors and mobile delivery that automates the coordination of, and enforces the timely completion of, essential business processes.

Strategic eMarketing and ProStar are developing the marketing content, website updates and social media campaign that ProStar needs to more effectively communicate the value of its products directly to businesses.

More details on ProStar\’s applications and services will also be made available online in an SEO-friendly format. Just as ProStar streamlines processes for its clients, Strategic eMarketing will make it simpler for ProStar’s customers and prospective clients to locate and review the applications on their website at