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Product Spotlight: Web Design

Product Spotlight: Web Design


You wouldn’t send your janitor out to paint your storefront windows for the season. Don’t send your designated “computer person” to create a website for your business. At Strategic eMarketing, your effective web presence is our business, and your website is where it starts.

No two businesses are alike, so a boilerplate web design can’t possibly represent the unique qualities of you or your business. With customization throughout, your website will feature photos, graphics, videos, and text that convey to your potential customers not only what you have to offer but why they should choose you to get it. With search engine optimization (SEO), your business will pop to the top of their search results list — putting you on Main Street no matter what your physical address.

The design team at Strategic eMarketing will provide your website with graphics that eloquently express the value-added nature of your offerings: security, dependability, accessibility, serenity — you name it, we will evoke it. In addition to the eloquence of the words used to convey your message, the careful selection and placement of those words can enhance your search engine optimization. If your customers don’t see your website, they can’t be compelled by it.

Strategic eMarketing can ensure both. Call today for a design consultation: 707-506-6138.