Product Spotlight: Strategic Sales Funnel – Some Basics Remain Constant

Product Spotlight: Strategic Sales Funnel – Some Basics Remain Constant

\"StrategicIf you have taken a marketing class, you will be familiar with the idea of a sales funnel. While there are dozens of variations, they all begin with a large pool of those who are potentially interested in your product or service and “funneling” them down to a naturally smaller group of buyers.

The process begins at the top with those who first indicate interest in your company. Something stimulated them to develop awareness. That something may have been a component of a PR campaign such as solid search engine placement, an email contact, or a recommendation from an associate via social media.

Many of them immediately lose interest as they discover that the company does not fulfill their needs. Possibly some issue such as price or availability distracted them. Some of them, however, climb further down the funnel and transition from the interested leads phase into solid prospects. They now believe the company may be able to help them. They want to know the types of services available and may want to connect with references.

The funnel finally shrinks into those who have decided that your company is the right one for them. They have cast aside your competitors and are ready to commit their time and resources to your firm. They become your customers.

This Process is not Accidental

The companies that most efficiently make initial contact, convince those contacts they’re the best fit for their needs, and then get them to the final stages of the buying process are the ones that thrive. These are not random events; they are the result of effective research and dedicated effort.

If you feel like you are putting in the effort, but not seeing the benefits, you’re likely making mistakes somewhere down the line. Strategic eMarketing can analyze your process and help refine it to widen the tip of the funnel. Contact us to learn more.