Product spotlight

Product Spotlight: Strategic Marketing

Product Spotlight: Strategic Marketing

What is it?  Why do I need it?


Let\’s start with the noun, marketing. It’s a process to get a prospect to say “Tell me more” and engage in the sales conversation with you or your organization.

Strategic: having a strategy — an organized plan of operation. You can form a strategy and implement your marketing accordingly without consulting relevant data, but to do so would be commercial suicide. And an unwise investment of your marketing budget.

Creating a categorized approach to strategic marketing planning can net big gains in the new year’s revenue. Boiled down, your revenue stream has its source at the customer. Your market comprises those customers — actual and potential. Based on the buying patterns of those customers, their market motivations (what they want and what triggers them to buy), and their demographics (age, sex, occupation, income), you can shape a persona for your ideal customer. Then you can focus your marketing energies on reaching, engaging, and enticing that customer to a protracted business relationship.

A strategic marketing plan is a forward-looking enterprise, but its success also rests on a little hindsight. Reviewing the sales statistics of the previous year (who bought what) enables streamlining of the marketing effort (and budget) to customers and marketing approaches that have proven themselves. For the rest, fire the customers and shelve the approaches that don’t contribute to that revenue stream.

At this time in history, no matter who your ideal customer is, it’s certain they can be reached via the internet, whether it’s through social media channels, search engine queries, email, et al. Internet marketing should be an integral and focused part of your strategic marketing plan.

Strategic eMarketing has “strategic marketing” in the name for good reason: We can assist you in shaping your strategic marketing plan every step of the way, based on our extensive awareness of the marketplace and our expertise in extracting your share of that market.