Product Spotlight: Multi-Channel Marketing

Product Spotlight: Multi-Channel Marketing

\"sem-PS-0914-db\"Demographics – roughly translated, people charting.
Charting the people who comprise your prospective customer base is the first step to converting potential customers to actual customers.

Once you know who they are and where they are, those customers need to be compelled to come to, engage with, and patronize your business. That requires meeting them where they are and appealing to them based on who they are and what they appreciate.

Multi-channel marketing is the way to comprehensively accomplish this. With over 100 channels on cable TV and over 100 stations on satellite radio, you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) think of just advertising on one channel or station in one time slot (unless you want to limit your business to the portion of your prospective customer base that tunes in then and there). Fortunately, social media in particular, and the internet in general, require no subscription fee. Your prospective customers/clients view Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., as pleasurable activities and browse them freely according to their interests. Grabbing their attention and compelling their interest in your business is that much easier because they have a lowered affective filter (an absence of the inherent distrust of paid advertising).

Videos show what photos and graphics only hint at, and can be used for vlogs, product demos, customer reviews, and a host of other presentations that will increase credibility and desirability for your business.

Retaining the old (approaches) while integrating the new is an essential component of multi-channel marketing as well. Logo design is as significant a factor online as it is in hard copy. A logo that presents the aesthetic of your company in a way that appeals to your prospective customer base will go a long way toward customer affiliation and loyalty. Recognition is the key.

These are only a few of the elements of multi-channel marketing, but Strategic eMarketing can custom design an approach that will provide a maximum yield from your prospective customer base.