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Product Spotlight: Logo Design

Product Spotlight: Logo Design


Powerful logo design, as its etymology indicates, “mark out” the true essence or brand of
a company. Doing that accurately and well will also mark out the company’s
appropriate market with its inherent appeal. Elegance is seldom spelled in rough hewn wood
and cowhide, nor is rowdy virility often represented by fine china and polished linen. The
finish and the style of a logo are as important as its shape and colors in conveying the essential

Logo, from the Greek logos, meaning ‘the word.’ Design, from the Latin, dēsignāre,
meaning ‘to mark out.’

While logos, as the mastheads of companies and other organizations worldwide, usually
contain a word or two, their job is really to coin a whole new word or image that transcends common English (or Czech, Urdu, or Swahili) to be the word or image that represents that entity (company, association, motorcycle club) and shapes how people think about it. The process involved in achieving that synthesis requires implementing the tired adage “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and then deconstructing that picture to one word, that in its image, says a thousand words about the company represented.

If that sounds easy, maybe you should read it again. 🙂

The appropriate logos for a lumber company and a lingerie store will have little in common other than letters (maybe) and the constraint (usually) of two dimensions. The appropriate logos for both enterprises can come from the same source, though: your logo design team at Strategic eMarketing.