OrderWithin owner Barbara Browning

OrderWithin to Launch Internet Marketing Campaign Through Strategic eMarketing

OrderWithin to Launch Internet Marketing Campaign Through Strategic eMarketing


OrderWithin, a company specializing in professional organizing and productivity training will soon be launching an internet marketing program with Strategic eMarketing.

Founded in 2004, OrderWithin will begin an internet marketing program and will begin updating the content on http://www.orderwithin.com/ to improve local search results and availability online. With a greater online presence, those seeking organization resources in Humboldt County and beyond will be able to find Browning’s business and access the trainings OrderWithin offers.

Creating website content and an internet marketing campaign that meets the values and goals of OrderWithin will help the company meet its mission, which is to help people get organized enough to live more creative, joyful, productive and fulfilling lives.

Owner and founder Barbara Browning will be working with Strategic eMarketing to implement internet marketing strategies to make her business more visible online. She also trains and manages the OrderWithin team to provide consulting and training for businesses that can boost productivity and creativity, as well as providing a residential organizing service to help people be more functional, happy and creative in their own homes.

“We are looking forward to improving our accessibility online so people who want to get organized and be more productive can find us easily,” Browning said. “OrderWithin wants to make getting organized and finding ‘order within’ simple and straightforward, and being easy to find online is one more step toward helping our clients move forward.”

OrderWithin is a way of life that helps identify what is most meaningful and essential for their clients, and then finding a way to give the people, activities, and things in their lives the attention they deserve. Each of the company’s team members brings specialized skills that can benefit clients, including aspects such as design, decluttering, and handling small areas of the home and office.

About Strategic eMarketing:

This Eureka, CA based marketing and advertising company develops transactional marketing campaigns that integrate search engine optimization, social media branding and performance tracking through strategies that include local search, SEO, website design, social media, advertising and public relations.