New 24/7 Lincoln Health Club to Open in February

New 24/7 Lincoln Health Club to Open in February


A Fit1 fitness center is scheduled to open in Lincoln in February to welcome new fitness-minded members with a convenient location on Sterling Parkway.

The Lincoln gym will be the second Fit1 that owner Susan Jansson has opened in Placer County. Auburn Fit1 is the first location, and Jansson said the Lincoln facility is a new design that stretches what we know about health clubs and working out. It includes the basics of what people expect in a 24/7 gym, but its strength is in its variety of different exercise programs all led by experienced fitness professionals incorporating the latest results-oriented science for getting customized results for your body type.

“Just because you have a body does not mean that you know how to design a workout that will challenge your body safely and in a way that produces the results you are after”, Jansson said.

Lincoln Fit1 is introducing KRE training, based on training methods effectively used for Navy SEALS, it is customized for the level you are when you come in and designed to take you to the health or fitness level you want to go to,” Jansson said.

The Lincoln Fit1 facility is at 831 Sterling Parkway with a 4,000 sq ft gym and an additional 1,500 sq ft for the KRE training program. Members have the option to either be enrolled in the KRE program, the regular gym or both. Jansson said this area of South Lincoln is currently underserved, especially in regards to specialized fitness training.

Fit1 isn\’t Jansson’s first health-oriented enterprise. She previously developed five HealthSPORT clubs in Humboldt County, a Team Six training program for personal trainers, and four Snap clubs in Southern Oregon.

“My dream is to help the world get fit,” Jansson said. “Exercise can bring us all together socially, emotionally and physically. It’s a great way to live!”

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