Marketing by Creating Consumer Motivating Environments

By:Renée Chappelle

R.D. Chappelle & Associates
Project Planning & Management

The subtle (or not-so-subtle) differences in marketing techniques.
You\’re a woman and you see an attractive man in a bar. You walk up to him and say, \”I\’m hot!\” That\’s DIRECT MARKETING.\"\"

You\’re in a bar with friends and see a handsome man. One of your friends goes up to him, points at you and says, \”She\’s hot!\” That\’s ADVERTISING.

You see a handsome man in a bar and give him your phone number. You call the next day and say, \”I\’m hot!\” That\’s TELEMARKETING.

You\’re in a bar and see a handsome man. You brush up against him, offer him a drink, brush a speck off of his jacket and say, \”I\’m hot!\” That\’s PUBLIC RELATIONS.

You see a handsome guy and you talk him into going home with your best friend. That\’s a SALES REP.

Your friend doesn\’t please him, so he calls you. That\’s TECH SUPPORT.

You\’re on your way home from the bar and think about all the men living in the houses you are passing, so you stand out in the street and shout out, \”I\’m hot!\” That\’s JUNK MAIL.

BUT, you are in a bar and a handsome man walks over to you and says, \”I hear that you\’re hot!\” That is BRAND RECOGNITION!