Local Search Client Profile-Eureka Trading

Local search optimization is still in its infancy.  The yellow pages are just now starting to fade from our memories and the web has become a small business marketing tool.

Occasionally we get a client that has benefited greatly by 1 form of promotion only, for instance being located on a very busy street.  When that no longer is producing they start to educate themselves and then hire an expert.

Alan Nielson the owner of Eureka Trading in Eureka, CA was frustrated that he wasn\’t getting more customers to buy and sell gold.  Even with his outstanding location, he was missing opportunities.  So he asked for Strategic eMarketing\’s help building a website and having local search optimized-facebook, Yelp and Google Places.  To his delight, he canceled one of the yellow pages and spent that money entirely on internet marketing.

After only 4 months, his site www.eurekapawn.com is listed for 10 of his keywords in the number 1 position on google and he has made many sales, some of them relatively large, based on his blog posts and Yelp listing.