Instagram for Business

What is Instagram? Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app and social network hub where regular people locate (and judge) the visual identity of a business. Created in 2010 by founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, then purchased by facebook in 2012, for $1 billion. As of December 2014, Instagram had more than 300 million users. Are you using Instagram yet? 

Remember the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Enter Instagram, the platform is completely photo-centric with twitter like hashtags. Users post photos or short videos (15 seconds max.) All photos are square, and there are a wide variety of filters to apply to photos. This creates a creative, “Polaroid-like” effect, as well as a streamlined presentation.

The number one factor in Instagram success is the quality of your photos. Even with a solid marketing plan, you will not garner a following without interesting, high-quality shots that people enjoy looking at. They should be unique and intimate–a snapshot behind scenes or an artfully framed look at your product.

How can Instagram drive business?


With over 300 million active monthly users, over 85 percent of top brands are actively marketing on Instagram. The per-follower engagement rate for top brands is 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 times higher than twitter. Until recently, there were no dependable, third-party systems to schedule and manage your Instagram account, from anywhere but your mobile device in real time. Hootsuite, a popular social media manager, is changing the game with their new Instagram integration and it is easier than ever to use Instagram.  Now you can schedule Instagram posts in the future, create campaigns with a marketing team, and more fluidly incorporate the popular platform into your social media strategy. Before you start posting any picture every picture you take, give us a call and we’ll help you decide on the best strategy and keywords for your business.