Humboldt Gymnastics Team Brings Home Medals from Redding Invitational

Humboldt Gymnastics Team Brings Home Medals from Redding Invitational


The six-person HealthSPORT Gymnastics team competed in the Good Vibrations Invitation in Redding on Sept. 28 and three did well enough at this meet to qualify for the state competition in November.

Galaxy Gymnastics Academy in Redding hosted the invitational for six competing teams, including the HealthSPORT Fortuna Gymnastic team. Over the last two meets, four of the six HealthSPORT team members have qualified for the state competition in November.

At the Good Vibrations Invitational, Level 3 gymnast Anna Foy performed her round-off back handspring for the first time, earning her a fifth place medal, and Level 3 competitor Abbi Diamond took home a first place medal for her floor routine. The third Level 3 gymnast Cadence Lommori scored her best yet with second place on the floor routine with an 8.85, fourth place on the beam with 8.65 and fourth place in the all-around with a 34.65, which qualifies her for the Level 3 state competition in November.

Level 4 competitor Saige Grundman finished fifth place on the bars with a score of 8.425 and a 32.325 score in the all-around.

The HealthSPORT Fortuna Gymnastics team has two Level 5 competitors, and both Katie Hurst and Mackenzie Hall qualified for the Level 5 state competition! Katie performed a huge bar routine that earned her first place, and she also earned second place in both the floor routine and the all-around. Mackenzie earned first place for her floor routine, second place on the bars with a personal best score of 8.975, and third place in the all-around.

The next meet the HealthSPORT Fortuna Gymnastics team will compete in is the Spooktacular Invitational on October 20 in Rohnert Park.

Here are the individual results from the Good Vibrations Invitational:

  • Level 3, Anna Foy, Fortuna, All Around 32.650, Floor 8.650 (5th place)
  • Level 3, Cadence Lommori, Rio Dell, All Around 34.65 (4th place), Floor 8.850 (2nd place), Beam 8.65 (4th place)
  • Level 3, Abbi Diamond, Rio Dell, All Around 34.35, Floor 9.1 (1st place)
  • Level 4, Saige Grundman, Rio Dell, All Around 32.325, Bars 8.425 (5th place)
  • Level 5, Katie Hurst, Fortuna, All Around 34.7 (2nd place), Floor 8.7 (2nd place), Bars 9.2 (1st place)
  • Level 5, Mackenzie Hall, Fortuna, All Around 34.675 (3rd place), Floor 9.0 (1st place), Bars 8.975 (2nd place)