How to Integrate Keywords So They Make Sense, Part 2

Bring the readers to your page with your keywords and keep them there with the actual content — that’s the goal of any SEO project, whether you are starting you’re web copy from scratch or you’re working keywords into content already created.\"\"

But not all keywords will easily flow into your sentences. Why? People use search engines differently than they speak or write. While someone might ask “Do you know anyone who does web marketing in Eureka?” in real life, that same person would type their query into a search engine as “Internet marketing Eureka CA.”

Working in an awkward phrase like that can be difficult, but there are ways to be creative and keep the text flowing.

  1. Headings and TItles

Google and other search engines ignore most punctuation marks in both queries and content when matching a user’s search words to related and relevant web pages. This can work to the advantage of headings and page titles, such as “Internet Marketing — Eureka, CA.”

  1. Split Between Sentences

When integrating the keyword phrase directly into copy, you can split the second half to start the next sentence. This works well for local searches: “Every company should have a plan for its Internet marketing. Eureka, CA, companies are no exception.”

  1. Talk About Broader Areas

This doesn’t work for every keyword phrase, mostly just local searches. “Humboldt County-wide” or “Eureka-wide” is a perfect example. If your company is located in that geographic area, you can also put something similar to “Humboldt County-based.”