HealthSPORT Hires Four More People to Arcata Club

HealthSPORT Hires Four More People to Arcata Club


HealthSPORT is excited to announce four new hires at the Arcata club, including a new personal trainer, instructors and a housekeeper.

The staff at HealthSPORT Arcata has recently welcomed Adam Janicki, Pamela Willey, Carolyn Palmer, and Angelique Velazquez.

Adam Janicki joins the HealthSPORT team of experienced personal trainers focused on helping members get the fitness results they want. Born and raised in Connecticut, he played varsity soccer and lacrosse for Green Mountain College in Vermont. He earned a bachelor’s in Natural Resource Management and bachelor’s in Nutritional Science from the University of Connecticut. In 2011, he became a Dietetic Technician and worked in St. Raphael’s Hospital nutrition department for two years. He chose to become a personal trainer in order to interact with more people on a fitness level and moved to this area recently.

Angelique Velazquez is from Philadelphia and moved to Humboldt County about 2 years ago. She was recently hired as an indoor cycling instructor, and she also teaches Cycle Strength, a 30-minute cycling class followed by a strength training workout. She is a student at Humboldt State University majoring in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science and Health Promotion plus a minor in Exercise Nutrition.

Pamela Willey is a spin instructor on Mondays at 9 a.m. She’s been an instructor and trainer since 2008, working with kettlebells, Group X and more. Willey previously taught at HealthSPORT and has returned to teach this spin class.

Carolyn Palmer is a College of the Redwood student and has been hired as a housekeeper for the Arcata club. She’s working on getting her associate’s in biology so she can go into the nursing program or something similar.

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