Google Photos

Google Photos

Every business has to find ways to organize their different aspects. We’ve talked about many of the different ways we organize things including images, files and task management. While we do have a pretty indepth system for keeping all of our business materials, and our clients business materials organized we are always coming across new things to share.

This past May, Google launched their new Google Photos application. This program gives you the ability to automatically backup all of your images from your devices. The program allows you to organize your photos into folders, however, it also automatically tags your photos according to what the program can identify is in the photos.


Another cool feature that Google Photos has is the personal assistant feature. Google Photos acts as a personal assistant organizing and keeping track of your photos. Occasionally the application will send you a notification asking you to verify if certain photos should be grouped in a specific category that the assistant determines. Now this may sound glitchy to many, but the application has been rated to be pretty spot on with what it suggest. The assistant will even group certain photos and create a short video or slideshow with them you can share on social media.

The best feature of Google Photos is that as long as you agree to keep your photos under 16 megapixles and your videos under 1080p you can have free, unlimited storage space. This quality of images and videos is perfect for social media and this is the only application out there right now offering for free, unlimited storage.

If you are looking for a new organization method for your photos and videos, we highly suggest giving this new application a try!