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Content Development: How to Plan Your Business Blog\’s Content

Content Development: How to Plan Your Business Blog\’s Content


Why should you plan the content for your business\’s blog ahead of time? Well, a strategic e-marketing plan will help you define how often you want to update your blog and what kind of content you will provide. It also helps prevent the ever-dreaded writer\’s block when you already have a topic in hand.

Blogs are a part of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies because they provide a way for your business to add fresh content to your website while incorporating keywords, like \”Eureka CA.\” When you decide in advance what the topics will be and when it will publish, we call this a content calendar.

First, you need to decide how often you want to publish a post. Some businesses publish one every week or even every day, but you should at least publish once per month. Once you know how often you want to have a blog go up, how far into the future should you plan posts? If you\’re only publishing once per month, plan topics for the whole year. You can change them later as needed, but knowing what content you want written is the first step. If you will be publishing more frequently than that, having at least the next couple months planned is likely best.

Planning on having someone else write the posts? Be sure to provide some direction and keywords to incorporate along with the topics.

When you incorporate a content calendar into your strategic e-marketing plan, you are much more likely to stick to it and see the benefits of having a business blog.