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Client Spotlight: McKeever

Client Spotlight: McKeever Energy & Electric

\"McKeeverEver since the advent of Thomas Edison, electricity has been an exponential growth sector of our society. Its uses are now an inextricable part of daily life – powering lights, tools, machinery, office equipment, information networks, and all the sundry appurtenances of modern life.

The source of that energy and its impact on the environment was not a consideration in the halcyon era of Mr. Edison. Steam engines, powered by coal combustions, held the majority share in electrical energy generation for decades. The impacts of mining and burning that coal have become increasingly evident and undesirable in recent decades, prompting the pursuit of alternative energy sources such as solar and wind. The ideal of being independent of major power companies’ grids is now attainable with the technological development of solar energy implementation.

Nathan McKeever founded McKeever Energy and Electrical in 2006 with the intent of providing the most environmentally and economically appropriate solution for each of his clients. His success can be measured in part by the need to incorporate and the expansion of his staff to four additional electrical technicians and an office manager. Their qualification for any electrical/energy contracting job is vouched for by their clients – including Arcata Playhouse and The Sullivan Company.

Whether you need to upgrade your meter service, build an autonomous solar-powered site, replace or repair existing cabling, or install an emergency power supply, McKeever is the most qualified and conscientious contractor available, working diligently with their clients to select the appropriate electrical energy implementation for their needs and budget.

McKeever Energy & Electrical, Inc. is a Humboldt-based electrical contractor serving all of Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity counties. McKeever Energy & Electric, Inc. holds a C-10 electrical contractors specialty class license (#965286) by the California Contractors State License Board. McKeever Energy & Electric, Inc. is bonded by the American Contractors Indemnity Company, and insured by The Hartford Casualty Company.